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21st Precinct

Old Time Radio Shows CD1

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Date Ep Name
53-07-07 The Nolen Brothers
53-07-14 Case of the Young Incorrigible
53-07-21 The Bartender
53-07-28 The Murdered Twins
53-08-04 Case Of The Sailor's Family
53-08-11 Post Number Seven
53-08-18 The Mainliner
53-08-25 The Bookkeeper
53-09-01 The Friend
53-09-08 The Certified 600
53-09-15 The Dog Day
53-09-22 The Homecoming
53-09-29 The Shooting Gallery
53-10-06 The Bird
53-10-13 Case Of The Picture
53-10-20 Case Of The Foundling
53-10-27 Case Of The Fall
53-11-03 Case Of The Patient
53-11-17 Case Of The Basket
53-11-24 Case Of The Ditch
53-12-04 Case Of The L.D. 80
53-12-25 The Plant
54-01-01 Case Of The Stairs
54-01-13 The Platform
54-01-20 The Visitors
54-01-27 The Kid
54-02-03 The Baker
54-02-10 Case Of The Drive
54-02-24 The Cure
54-03-03 The Door
54-03-24 The Package
54-04-07 The Collar
54-04-14 The Brother
54-04-28 The Story
54-05-05 The Cabinet
54-05-12 The Dollar
54-05-19 The Day
54-05-26 The Father
54-06-02 The Needle
54-06-09 The Book
54-06-16 The Sprinter
54-06-23 The Will
54-06-30 The Red Tiger
54-07-07 The Mover
54-07-14 The Shotgun
54-07-21 The Ledge
54-07-28 The DOA
54-08-04 The Job
54-08-18 The Iron
54-09-01 The Copperhead
54-09-22 The Suit
54-09-29 The Walker
54-10-06 The Jet
54-10-27 The Mark
54-11-10 The Sticks
54-11-24 The Beaver
54-12-15 The Loser
54-12-22 The Giver
54-12-29 The Wife
55-01-05 The Trade
55-01-19 The Notes
55-01-26 The Fire Escape
55-02-02 The Daughter
55-02-09 The Surety
55-02-16 The Lender
55-02-23 The Museum
55-03-02 The Dowager
55-03-16 The Declaration
55-04-13 The Communication
55-04-20 The Doctor
55-07-02 The Artery
55-07-30 The Pair
55-08-06 The Summons
55-08-13 The Tree
55-11-04 The Special Orders
55-11-11 The Friend
55-11-25 The Son
55-12-23 The Beard
55-12-30 the Slugger
56-03-29 The Homecoming
56-04-05 The Six Hundred
56-04-12 The Shopping Bag
56-04-19 The Poodle
56-04-26 The Gorilla
56-05-10 The Basket
56-05-17 The Partners
56-05-24 The Paperhanger
56-05-31 The Neighbor
56-06-14 The Books
21st Precinct was a police drama. New York City was used for this series and it focused on an actual police precinct. The idea was to put the listener into the drama from the opening phone call until the final report was written.

The Show opened "just lines on a map of the city of New York. Most of the 173,000 people wedged into the nine-tenths of a square mile between Fifth Avenue and the East River wouldn't know if you asked them that they lived or worked in the 21st."

This CD contains 89 episodes.
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