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Archie Andrews

Old Time Radio Shows CD1

All Old Time Radio Shows are in MP3 Format

Date Ep Name
6/23/1945 Nazi POW In Riverdale
5/11/1946 Poison Candy
5/18/1946 Hip Talk
7/6/1946 Masked Marvel
7/13/1946 Stranded On Deserted Island
7/20/1946 The Hammock
7/27/1946 Drugstore Mixup
10/19/1946 Double Date
10/19/1946 Plumbing Woes
3/15/1947 The Red Cross Benefit
3/15/1947 The Red Cross Benefit
8/9/1947 Double DateSame Script As
8/9/1947 Taking a Bath
11/15/1947 Going To Bed Early
12/13/1947 Christmas Shopping
5/15/1948 The Hiccups Good Nights Sleep
6/12/1948 Archie Fights a Cold
7/10/1948 Archie Gets Dressed For A Date
7/17/1948 Mr Andrews Wallpapers a Room
8/7/1948 Suffering from the Heat
8/21/1948 Going on a Picnic
9/4/1948 The Big Dance
9/11/1948 Borrowing A Tire Jack
9/18/1948 Archies in Love
9/25/1948 Free Movie Tickets
10/30/1948 Halloween Party
11/6/1948 Locked Out Of The House
11/20/1948 Guests Are Coming For Dinner
12/4/1948 Job At The Drugstore
1948 Dinner In A Restaurant
5/21/1949 The New TV Set
7/13/1949 Sun Burned
10/29/1949 10/29/1949
10/30/1949 Halloween Party
12/17/1949 Christmas Shopping
5/20/1951 Big Ballgame
5/27/1951 Babysitting
6/3/1951 The Economy Program
Archie Andrews radio program was fashoned after the Archie Comic. It contained the same characters Archie, Jughead, Veronica and others. And it was just as or even funnier than the comic.

This CD contains 68 episodes.
You will receive 1 CD with the above Old Time Radio Shows. The Show files are playable on computers, mp3 players, IPODs or CD players that will play mp3 format. Some automobiles now have CD players that will play mp3. Be sure yours will play mp3 before buying this CD.
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