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Baby Snooks

Old Time Radio Shows CD1

All Old Time Radio Shows are in MP3 Format

Date Ep Name
Charles Harding Blair To Arrive
1/26/1936 Ziegfeld Follies Of The Air
6/17/1937 Royal Gelatin Hour Rudy Vallee Sings
12/30/1937 Daniel In The Lions Den Jimmy Stewart Intro Of baby Snooks
2/17/1938 Telling Time Shaving
3/24/1938 Rehearsing A Speech
3/31/1938 At The Circus
5/5/1938 Vitamins Hiccups
5/19/1938 Beach House
6/9/1938 At The Doctors
9/22/1938 Aunt Sophie Having A Baby
12/22/1938 Visiting Santa Claus
1/22/1939 Daddys An Elk
1/29/1939 Daddys Boss Comes To Dinner
5/25/1939 Hugh What
6/1/1939 Gone Fishing
6/8/1939 Violet Ray
6/15/1939 Living By Dyeing
7/29/1939 A New Baby Brothe
12/21/1939 Max Hse Good News Of 1940 Pt1
12/21/1939 Max Hs Good News Of 1940 Pt2
12/28/1939 Max Hs Good News Of 1940 Wizard Of Oz Stars
1/4/1940 Bungling Burglars
1/11/1940 Male Secretary
1/18/1940 Chemical Catastrophe
1/25/1940 Shetland Pony
2/1/1940 Family Tree
2/8/1940 Anatomy Of A Robot
2/15/1940 Tax Returns
2/22/1940 Missing Dollar
2/29/1940 Wedding Cake
3/7/1940 Snooks Has Amnesia
3/14/1940 Tom Thumb
3/21/1940 Laying An Egg
3/28/1940 Baby Brother wants Attention
4/4/1940 April Fools
4/11/1940 Baby Fish Story
4/18/1940 Magic
6/22/1940 Tonsils Operation
7/11/1940 At The Beach
7/18/1940 Library Visit
7/25/1940 Port Hole Safe
9/5/1940 Magazine Scam
9/12/1940 New Car
9/19/1940 Playing Hooky
9/26/1940 Wheres The Medicine
10/10/1940 Football Game
10/17/1940 Wheres My Change
10/24/1940 Raising A Loan
10/31/1940 Ruined Suit
11/14/1940 Measles
11/21/1940 Four Fathers
11/28/1940 Stolen Turkey
12/19/1940 Christmas Skates
12/26/1940 Returning Presents
1/2/1941 Sneaking Out
1/9/1941 Art Museum
1/23/1941 Flat Tire
1/30/1941 Jury Duty
2/6/1941 Flower Gardens
2/13/1941 Taxes Again
2/27/1941 At The Races
3/20/1941 Photographer
3/27/1941 Buying Shoes
4/3/1941 At The Zoo
4/10/1941 Trout Fishing
4/17/1941 Baseball Game
2/26/1942 Stealing Chickens
4/19/1942 Command Performance
5/19/1942 Daddy Makes Sugar From Lemon
11/4/1943 Court Case
6/14/1944 Worlds Mos tPatient Father
1944 Hanging Wall paper
5/13/1945 At The Bijou
9/16/1945 Guest-Eddie Cantor
9/16/1945 Snooks Is Missing
4/28/1946 afrs Going On Vacation
6/19/1946 The Cat-Mans Revenge
9/6/1946 Snooks Stays At Home
11/1/1946 Halloween
5/23/1947 Miracle Children Quiz Show
10/24/1947 Ugly Duckling
11/12/1950 Snooks Tallulah Bankhead
3/20/1951 Easter Outfit
5/1/1951 Report Card Blues
5/8/1951 Daddys Old Flame
Good News Guests Dick Powell Mary Martin Jack Benny
Heres To The Vets
To Be or Not To Bee
Why-Because w/Judy Garland
Baby Snooks was played by Fanny Brice. The show was a sitcom with Fanny playing a comical child.

This CD contains 50 episodes.
You will receive 1 CD with the above Old Time Radio Shows. The Show files are playable on computers, mp3 players, IPODs or CD players that will play mp3 format. Some automobiles now have CD players that will play mp3. Be sure yours will play mp3 before buying this CD.
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