Boston Blackie stared Chester Morris, on NBC as a summer replacement for
The Amos 'n' Andy Show. Blackie was a safecracker who had served time
in a California prison later to become Private Detective.
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CD#Show TitleProgram NameW/ComDate
BB01-CD Boston Blackie Black Market Meat Ring Y7/21/1944
Boston Blackie Mrs Boston Blackie 6/06/1945
BB02-CD Boston Blackie The Oscar Wolfe Case 6/11/1945
Boston Blackie The Sam Bellows Case 6/18/1945
BB03-CD Boston Blackie The Larry Brown Case 6/25/1945
Boston Blackie Blackie Jilts Mary 7/02/1945
BB04-CD Boston Blackie The Worthington Pearls 7/09/1945
Boston Blackie Blackies Car Kills A Woman 7/16/1945
BB05-CD Boston BlackieThe Rockwell Diamond 06/23/1944
Boston Blackie Fifty Hunter Street 06/30/1944
BB06-CD Boston BlackieThe Star Of The Nile 07/14/1944
Boston Blackie Polly Morrisons Gun Collection 07/28/1944
BB07-CD Boston BlackieAlice Manweather Dead Or Alive 08/04/1944
Boston Blackie The Missing String Of Pearls 08/11/1944
BB08-CD Boston BlackieThe Wentworth Diamonds 04/25/1945
Boston Blackie John Walters Murder 05/02/1945
BB09-CD Boston BlackieThe William Blaine Vase 05/16/1945
Boston Blackie Coverup For Mary 05/09/1945


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