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CD#Show TitleProgram NameW/ComDate
BD01-CD Bulldog DrummondHijackers 9/28/1941
Boston Blackie Death Rides A Racehorse 1/04/1942
BD02-CD Bulldog DrummondThe Circus 1/25/1942
Boston Blackie Nazi Sub Y 6/26/1944
BD03-CD Bulldog DrummondDinner Of Death 4/23/1945
Boston Blackie Help Wanted Y 8/13/1945
BD04-CD Bulldog DrummondMurder In The Death House Y9/10/1945
Boston Blackie Escape Into Death 9/24/1945
BD05-CD Bulldog DrummondClaim Check Murders 1/17/1941
Boston Blackie Death In The Deep 6/16/1948


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