BOX 13

In BOX 13, Dan Holiday, newspaper reporter turned fiction writer, puts an ad in his old paper in search of story ideas. His ad states he's looking for adventure. The replies come to the newspaper's Box 13 and always brings trouble for Dan Holiday.

The part of Dan Holiday was played by Alan Ladd. Sylvia Picker played Suzy, and a host of guest stars rotated through the program. There were many writers who co-wrote Box 13, but Ladd was the main writer.

BOX 13 was the product of Alan Ladd and Richard Sandville, two owners of the famous Mayfare Restaurant in Los Angeles during World War II. Mr. Ladd's ambition to get on radio in his own series was thwarted in part because he was under contract to Paramount. Paramount did not allow him to appear on radio, except occasionally for guest shots such as Lucky Jordan on the Screen Guild Program.

At the end of the war, Ladd and Sandville sold the Mayfare Restaurant and formed Mayfare Productions. The two mainstay shows of Mayfare were BOX 13 and THE UNEXPECTED starring Hollywood stars such as Lurene Tuttle and Marsha Hunt. Sandville and Ladd parted company but shows like THE UNEXPECTED, BOX 13, and THE DAMON RUNYON THEATER remain as Mayfare's legacy.

Titles on BOX 13 episodes did not appear until a few weeks into the series.

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