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Our Miss Brooks

Old Time Radio Shows CD1

All Old Time Radio Shows are in MP3 Format

Date Ep Name
4/9/1948 Audition 1 Shirley Booth
6/23/1948 Audition 2 Eve Arden
7/19/1948 1st Show
9/19/1948 Weekend At Crystal Lake
10/24/1948 Surprise Party
10/31/1948 Clayton City Football Game
11/7/1948 The Workhorse
11/14/1948 Babysitting For Three
11/21/1948 The Model School Teacher
11/28/1948 Sunnydale Finishing School
12/5/1948 Tall Dark French
12/19/1948 The Magic Christmas Tree
1/2/1949 Old Clothes For Party
1/9/1949 The Heating System
1/16/1949 Student Government Day
1/23/1949 New Head Of English Department
1/30/1949 Student Banking
2/6/1949 Missing Electric Heater
2/6/1949 Missing Electric Heater version2
2/13/1949 Stretch The Basketball Star
2/20/1949 The Frog
2/27/1949 Stretch Has A Problem
3/6/1949 The Hair do
3/13/1949 Cafeteria Boycott
3/20/1949 Poetry Mixup
3/27/1949 Clay City English Teacher
4/3/1949 Special Party
4/10/1949 Mr. Conklins Wake-up Plan
4/17/1949 Easter Outfits skips
4/24/1949 Dress Code Protest
5/1/1949 Walter Vs Stretch Grudge Match
5/8/1949 Mr Boyntons Parents
5/15/1949 Yearbook Photo Mix-up
5/22/1949 Peanuts The Great Dane
5/29/1949 Arguments Arguements
6/5/1949 Key To The School
6/12/1949 The Wishing Well Dance
6/19/1949 Taxidermists
7/3/1949 Conklins Blood Presssure
7/10/1949 Telegram
7/17/1949 Carelessness Code
7/24/1949 Mrs Davis Cookies
7/31/1949 Will Connie Resign
8/7/1949 Heat Wave
8/14/1949 English Test
8/21/1949 Weekend At Crystal Lake
9/11/1949 The School Board
9/18/1949 The Sweater
9/25/1949 Conklin Causes A Fight
10/2/1949 Rival Football
10/9/1949 The French Teacher
10/16/1949 School Safety
10/23/1949 Gifts For Boynton
10/30/1949 Halloween Party
11/13/1949 Elephant Mascot
11/20/1949 The Party Line
11/27/1949 Thanksgiving Weekend
12/4/1949 Weighing Machine
12/11/1949 Game At Clay City
12/18/1949 A Letter To Santa
12/25/1949 The Magic Christmas Tree
1/1/1950 Babysitting On New Years Eve
1/8/1950 Board Of Education Day
1/15/1950 Cure That Habit
1/22/1950 Walters Radio
1/29/1950 School On Saturday
2/5/1950 Miss Enrights Dinner
2/19/1950 Valentines Day Date
2/26/1950 Stretch Is In Love
3/5/1950 Letter From The Education Board
3/12/1950 The Burglar
3/19/1950 The Auction
3/26/1950 The Baseball Game
Our Miss Brooks began as a radio series in 1948 and moved to television in 1952 and became one of the Biggest hits of the "Golden Age of Television". Eve Arden became famous as the wisecracking high school English teacher Connie Brooks.

This CD contains 73 episodes.
You will receive 1 CD with the above Old Time Radio Shows. The Show files are playable on computers, mp3 players, IPODs or CD players that will play mp3 format. Some automobiles now have CD players that will play mp3. Be sure yours will play mp3 before buying this CD.
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