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Burns And Allen

Old Time Radio Shows CD1

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Date Ep Name
360115 Gracie Plays Sadie Thompson
380110 Gracies Murder Mystery
400228 Government Jobs
400306 Hats Off To Gracie
400313 Gracies Triumphant Return
400327 Surprise Party Platform
400403 Till The Cows Come Home
400410 Gracie Wins Wisconsin
400417 All Promises Are Fictitious
400424 The Biggest In The World
400508 Aunt Clara Kangaroo
400515 Rah Rah In Omaha
400522 Georges Malady
400529 Sweeping Into Office
400626 Last Broadcast Cbs
400708 Grandpas 92nd Birthday
400729 Kiddie Party
400805 Georges Movie
400812 Gold Rush Gracie
400819 George Late For Show
400826 Elsie Trellafas Is Suing George
400902 George Is On Trial
400909 George Owes Money For Phone Calls
400916 George Needs A Guest Star
400923 George Writes A Newspaper Column
400930 George Is Kidnapped By A Gangster
401007 George Disguises Himself As A Woman
401014 Whats Wrong With Gracie
401021 Professor Thorndyke Studies Gracie
401028 George Tries To Get Out Of Broadcast
401104 George Tries To Impress Fifi
401111 Gracie Writes A Musical Comedy
401118 Thanksgiving Show
401125 Rehearsing Next Weeks Show
401202 The Sponsor Drops By
401209 George Gets A Black Eye
401216 Gracie Writes A Play
410113 Impressing Cubina Wright
410120 Visits Art Gallery
410127 George Plans To Recover A Mink Coat
410224 GracieIsLateForTheShow
410317 St Patrick Parade
411007 Looking For A Singer
411108 GeorgeLandsMovieRole
421006 Married But Single
421013 Successful Marriage Manual
421020 Pooling Resources For The War Effort
421027 Gracie Gets George An Office
421103 The Man From Mgm
421110 Expecting A Baby
421117 Gracie Buys A Live Turkey
421124 Eddie Cantor And The Uplifters Club
421201 Tootsie Sagwell Fixes Georges Car
421208 A Party For The Neighbors
421215 Herbert Marshall Swami Predicts
421222 Santa And The Wicked Pirate
421229 Getting Rita Hayworth A Date
431019 Gracie Talks W/Miss Pringle w/Pat Obrien
431102 Gracie Wants George To Go On Jacks Show
431109 Blackmailing Jack Benny
451101 George The Butler
451129 George Goes To College w/ Jack Benny
460103 Taking In A Veteran
460509 Harpo Marx Reporter
461107 Getting Frank Sinatra To Leave Town
470925 Beating The
490310 Gracie Joins The Girl Scouts
490317 George Has A Cold
490331 How Jack Benny Became Cheap
500000 B.h.u.s. Society Wants New Hats
500118 Beauty Shop
500315 Hr Blockhead
Burns and Allen, staring George Burns and Gracie Allen, was one of the most popular comedy shows of all time. One stunt was "Gracie Allen for President." During the election year of 1940, Gracie represented the fictitious Surprise Party and advocated nonsense as part of her platform. The "campaign" was successful enough for Gracie to actually receive write-in votes on election day.

This CD contains 72 episodes.
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