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Comedy Shows
Amos N Andy
Abbott & Costello
Al Jolson
Archie Andrews Show
The Bickersons
Big Jon & Sparkie
Bing Crosby Show
Blondie & Dagwood
Bob Hope Show
Burns & Allen
Charlie McCarthy Show
Danny Kaye Show
Dinah Shore Show
Duffy's Tavern
Father Knows Best
Fred Allen Show
Fibber McGee & Molly Show
Great Gildersleeve
Jack Benny Program
Life Of Riley
Lum & Abner
Martin & Lewis Show
Mel Blanc Show
Milton Berle Show
My Favorite Husband
My Friend Irma Show
Our Miss Brooks
Phil Harris, Alyce Faye Show
Red Skelton Show
Vic & Sade Show
You Bet Your Life Show


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