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Confession show used the transcribed confessions of actual crimes. Names of the criminals
were changed, but were from actual records and case histories.

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CD#Show TitleProgram NameW/ComDate
CONF01-CD Confession The Doris Kane Case 7/05/1953
Confession The Martin Everett Case 7/12/1953
CONF02-CD Confession The Anna Carlson Case 7/19/1953
Confession The Esther Phillips Case 8/02/1953
CONF03-CD Confession The Peter Dun Greer Case 8/09/1953
Confession The George S Decker Case 8/15/1953
CONF04-CD Confession The George S Andress Case 9/06/1953
Confession The Roger S Chapman Case 9/13/1953


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