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Dimension X

Old Time Radio Shows CD1

All Old Time Radio Shows are in MP3 Format

Date Ep Name
4/8/1950 Outer Limit
4/15/1950 With Folded Hands
4/22/1950 Report On Barnhouse Effect
4/29/1950 No Contact
5/6/1950 Knock
5/13/1950 Almost Human
5/20/1950 The Lost Race
5/27/1950 To The Future
6/3/1950 Embassy
6/10/1950 The Green Hills Of Earth
6/17/1950 There Will Come Soft Rain - Zero Hour
6/24/1950 Destination Moon
7/1/1950 A Logic Named Joe
7/7/1950 Mars Is Heaven
7/14/1950 The Man In The Moon
7/21/1950 Beyond Infinity
7/28/1950 Potters Of Firsk
8/4/1950 Perigis Wonderful Dolls
8/11/1950 The Castaways
8/18/1950 The Martian Chronicals
8/25/1950 The Parade
9/1/1950 The Roads Must Roll
9/8/1950 The Outer Limit
9/15/1950 Hello Tomorrow
9/22/1950 Dr Grimshaws Sanitorium
9/29/1950 And The Moon Be Still As Bright
10/28/1950 No Contact
11/5/1950 The Professor Was A Thief
11/12/1950 Shanghied
11/19/1950 Competition
11/26/1950 Universe
12/24/1950 The Green Hills Of Earth
1/7/1951 Mars Is Heaven
1/14/1951 The Martian Death March
6/3/1951 The Last Objective
6/10/1951 Nightmare
6/17/1951 Pebble In The Sky
6/24/1951 Childs Play
7/12/1951 Time And Time Again
7/19/1951 Dwellers In Silence
7/26/1951 Courtesy
8/2/1951 Universe
8/9/1951 Veldt
8/16/1951 Vital Factor
8/23/1951 Untitled Story
8/30/1951 Marrionettes, Inc
9/8/1951 First Contact
9/15/1951 The Kaleidoscope
9/22/1951 Requiem
9/29/1951 Nightfall
Dimension X was "adventures in time and space, told in future tense". The show was one of the Great Science Fiction Programs on Radio

This CD contains 50 episodes.
You will receive 1 CD with the above Old Time Radio Shows. The Show files are playable on computers, mp3 players, IPODs or CD players that will play mp3 format. Some automobiles now have CD players that will play mp3. Be sure yours will play mp3 before buying this CD.
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