This series was first heard over the NBC network, April 8, 1950 and ran until September of 1951. DIMENSION X was a new experience for adults, because it was the first radio Science Fiction series to appeal to them. Some of the best writers whose works were dramatized were Ray Bradbury, Robert Block, Robert A. Heinlein, Isaac Asimov and Kurt Vonnegut. These stories were adapted for radio by in-house script writer Ernest Kinoy. Cast regulars were Joe Desantos, Wendell Holmes, Santos Ortega, Joseph Julian, Jan Minor, Roger Decovan, John Gibson, Ralph Bell, and many others. The narrator was Norman Rose.

It was one of the first shows to be recorded on tape. This was so new that one show, "Mars is Heaven", had to be re-recorded 3 times because the engineer kept erasing the tape while editing it.

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