The Multi-part Shows: 1955 - 1956
From 1949 through 1962, Johnny Dollar was heard each week over CBS stations. Johnny's job was insurance fraud investigation but each show we learned how he build his expense account.

The shows were 30-minute adventures except for a period of slightly longer than one year starting on October 3, 1955. During this time, Johnny made his appearance Monday through Friday, for 15 minutes each day. Johnny, at this time, was played by Bob Bailey, the third person to play the part (not counting the 1948 audition). These 15 minute shows are the topic of this log.

With a few exceptions, these shows consisted of a 5-part serial, starting on Monday and running to its conclusion on Friday. There were two exceptions; one 7-part and one 9-part series. Many consider the best of the Johnny Dollar shows.
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