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Phone Rings
Hello Duffy's where the elete meet to eat, Archie the manager speaking, Duffy
ain't here. Oh Hello Duffy....

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CD#Show TitleProgram NameW/ComDate
DT01-CD Duffy's Tavern Guest-Dinah Shore & Joan DavisAFRS 12/14/1943
Duffy's Tavern Guest-Billie Burks 3/02/1944
DT02-CD Duffy's Tavern Archies TaxesAFRS 3/07/1944
Duffy's Tavern Guest-Dennis Day AFRS 5/02/1944
DT03-CD Duffy's Tavern Archie Has Three Days To Live 2/09/1949
Duffy's Tavern Schoolmate Visits 2/16/1949
DT04-CD Duffy's Tavern Archie Wants To Patent Electricity 2/23/1949
Duffy's Tavern Television Play 3/09/1949
DT05-CD Duffy's Tavern Guest-Mickey Rooney 03/02/1949
Duffy's Tavern Archies Bank Account 3/23/1949
DT06-CD Duffy's Tavern Guest-Adolph MenjouAFRS 5/09/1944
Duffy's Tavern Guest-Charles Cobern Y 10/15/1945
DT07-CD Duffy's Tavern Clifton Fadiman 6/01/1943
Duffy's Tavern Guest-Bing Crosby Y 12/07/1943
DT08-CD Duffy's Tavern Audit Trouble 12/28/1945
Duffy's Tavern Balancing The Books 1/04/1946


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