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The Fibber McGee and Molly Show CD1

1940-1941 Shows

All Old Time Radio Shows are in MP3 Format

Date Ep Name
400102 Fibber Builds A Doghouse
400109 Gildersleeves Suit
400116 Fibbers Car Is Stolen
400123 Radio Quiz Show
400130 Fibbers Old Suit
400206 Everyone Is Nice To Fibber
400213 Good Luck Egyptian Ring
400220 To Tell The Truth
400227 Fibber Catches A Cold
400305 Cleaning The Hall Closet
400312 Fibber Takes Molly Out To
400319 Dog License Problem
400326 Fibber Hires A Surveyor
400409 Returning From Hollywood
400416 Big Ink Stain On Carpet
400423 Proper Picture Hanging Techniques
400430 Fibber The Director
400430 McGee The Stage Director
400507 Caught In A Suit Of Armor
400514 McGee Sprays Gildy With Garden Hose
400521 McGeeGets A Job In A Hardware Store
400528 Circus Comes To Town
400604 Spaghetti Dinner
400611 Trying To Hang Wallpaper
400618 Fibber Models A Dress For Molly
400625 Fibber Writes Music For Meredith Wilson
401001 Back From Vacation
401008 Fibber Gives Up Cigars
401015 Missing Screwdriver
401022 Gildersleeves Diary
401029 Driving To The Big Football Game
401105 Election Day
401112 Fibbers Black Eye
401119 Visiting Uncle Dennis
401126 Uncle Dennis Visits
401203 Shoveling Coal From Gildersleeves Lawn
401210 Mailing Christmas Packages
401224 Gildys Radio Phonograph
401231 Fibber Finds A Gold Watch
410107 Hundred Dollar Bill
410121 Piano Lessons
410204 Fibber Buys A New Suit And Steals A Hat
410211 Fibber Becomes A Watch
410218 McGees Try To Go To Bed Early
410225 Fibbers Bottle Collection
410304 The McGees Throw A Dinner
410311 Guests Quarantined From
410318 Fibber Get His Draft Notice
410325 Fibber Changes His Name
410401 Missing Car Fender
410408 Fibber Builds A Telescope
410415 Fibber Needs Glasses
410422 A Night Out With The Boys
410429 Fibber Gets Stuck In Fresh Pavement
410506 Games And Books For The Army
410513 Salmon Dinner
410520 Fibber Bakes Molly A Birthday Cake
410527 Gildersleeves Ladder
410610 No Name
410617 Amusement Park
410624 Leaving For Hollywood
410930 Back From Vacation In Alaska
411007 Fifty Thousand Dollar Deal
411014 Fire Commissioner McGee
411021 Finding Old Love Letters
411028 Fibber Meets A Racketeer
411104 New Furniture
411111 Edgar Bergen Charlie Mccarthy
411111 Premiere Of Look Whos Laughing
411118 No Name
411118 Mayor LaTrivia Wont Leave
411125 Beauty Clay Mine
411202 The Mustache
411209 Forty Percent Off
411223 Electric Chime Door Bell
411230 FixIt McGee
Fibber McGee and Molly is one of the all time classics of Old Time Radio and also was one of the longest running of the OTR Shows, on the air from 1935-1959. The "Closet" Routine is a classic in itself. When Fibber open the closet, you hear thing falling out and covering him. Fibber says "I gotta get that closet cleaned out one of these days" of course buy this time he in under a pile of clutter.

This CD contains 76 episodes from 1940-1941.
You will receive a CD with the above Old Time Radio Shows. The Show files are playable on computers, mp3 players, IPODs or CD players that will play mp3 format. Some automobiles now have CD players that will play mp3. Be sure yours will play mp3 before buying this CD.
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