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Fred Allen Show

Old Time Radio Shows CD1

All Old Time Radio Shows are in MP3 Format

Date Ep Name
360122 Town Hall Tonight Amateur Show One Long Pan
371222 Santa Claus Sits Down With Jack Benny
400612 Hill Billy Skit
430103 Guest Peter Lorre
451007 Auditions With Edgar Bergen And Charlie Mccarthy
451021 Hillbilly Music guest Frank Sinatra
451028 Charlie Mccarthy Sues For Slander
451104 Mash Notes guest Martha Raye
451111 Charlie The Chicken guest Monty Woolley
451118 Renting A House guest Boris Karloff
451125 Brooklyn Pinafore Guest Leo Durocher
451216 Seeking A Radio Job guest Lauritz Melchoir
451230 Radio Shows In Russia
460106 Take It Or Leave It guest Phil Baker
460113 Carmen guest Maurice Evans
460120 A movie On Freds Life guest George Jessel
460203 Picadilly Oklahoma Parody With Beatrice Lillie
460210 Les Miserables Reprise with Orson Welles
460224 Hillbilly Drama Arthur Treacher
460303 Les Miserables Reprise guest Orson Welles
460310 Banana Mans Lament with Carmen Miranda
460331 Charlie The Chicken with Monty Woolley
460414 Brooklyn PinaforeIi guest Leo Durocher
460428 Racing Form Trial guest Bert Lahr
460505 Mr. And Mrs. Breakfast Show guest Tallulah Bankhead
460512 Cairo guest Sydney Greenstreet
460526 King For A Day guest Jack Benny
460623 50th Anniversary Of The Telephone Co guest Oscar Levant
461013 Mikado guest Tony Martin
461027 Mr. And Mrs. Breakfast Show Reprise guest Tallulah Bankhead
470302 Murder In The Penthouse guests The Quiz Kids
470316 Picadilly reprise guests Beatrice Lillie Bobby White
470323 Suing Fred Over Picadilly Rights guests Rodgers And Hammerstein
470406 The Shoshlik Shanty guest Gregory Ratoff
470511 The Hollywood Mikado guest BingCrosby
470525 Gimmick With A Microphone guest Rudy Vallee
470615 Fred The Boarder with Ozzie And Harriet
471019 The Perfect Crime guest James Mason
471026 Selling Life Stories With Jack Haley
471214 New Years Eve Plans guest George Jessel
471228 Suing To Return Freds Cuckoo Clock with Monty Wooley
480104 Psycopathic Spectacular guest James Mason
480328 Husband And Wife Radio Show with James And Pamela Mason
480411 One Long Pan With Basil Rathbone
480418 The Author Meets His Match guest James Farley
480425 Scalping Baseball Tickets guest Leo Durocher
480509 Break The Contestant guest Don Mcneil
480523 Fred Wants To Do Bing Crosbys Life Story guest Bing Crosby
480606 Quiz Program And Soap Opera guest Jack Eigen
480615 Guests Ozzie Harriet
480627 Cease The Melody guest Jack Benny
481024 A Prize For Listeners Missing Any Contest guest Dale Carnegie
481107 Sam Shovel Private Eye guest Arthur Treacher
481128 George Jessel Tries To Sneak Into The Roxy
481205 Tv Commercials guest Henry Morgan
481226 Maine Murder Trial
490109 Literary Panel guest H. Allen Smith
490123 Traveling Salesman Jack Haley
490130 Fred Tries To Get Rudy Vallee Into Tv
490206 Planning A Television Show guest Bert Lahr
490213 Murder Case guest Doc Rockwell
490320 Mob Buster guest Victor Moore
490626 The Final Fred Allen Show guests Jack Benny Henry Morgan
The Fred Allen-Jack Benny feud was the longest playing, best-remembered running gag in radio history. The gag even pushed toward a boxing match between the two comedians and the event was a sellout. It also never happened.

This CD contains 63 episodes.
You will receive 1 CD with the above Old Time Radio Shows. The Show files are playable on computers, mp3 players, IPODs or CD players that will play mp3 format. Some automobiles now have CD players that will play mp3. Be sure yours will play mp3 before buying this CD.
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