Let George Do It was a West Coast mystery-detective show aired over the Mutual-Don Lee Network from October 1946 to September 1954. The Main characters were detective George Valentine and his girl Friday, Claire Brooks. Bob Bailey and Frances Robinson Starred.

The series actually started as a comedy, produced by Owend Vinson and written by his wife, Polly Hopkins. These shows had Eddie Firestone Jr. as Sonny and Joseph Kearns as Caleb; their parts disappeared along with the comedy format by 1948. Virginia Gregg replaced Robinson as Brooksie in December 1949.

Valentine took on cases responding to his news ad: "Personal notice. Danger's my stock in trade. If the job's too tough for you to handle, you got a job for me...Write full details." His support on the police force came from Lt.Riley (Wally Mahre) and Lt.Johnson (ken Christie).

Standard Oil of California sponsored most of the run. By 1954, Olan Soule was Geroge and Pream was the sponsor.

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