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The Green Hornet CD1

1940s-1950s Shows

All Old Time Radio Shows are in MP3 Format

Date Ep Name
42-05-23 A Slip Of The Lip
41-06-21 Walk Out For Profit
41-06-28 Walk Out For Profit
42-02-07 Reservoir For Murder
42-02-21 Charity Takes It On The Chin
42-05-16 Invasion Plans For Victory
42-07-12 Murder Across The Board
42-09-12 Murder Trips A Rat
42-11-14 Torpedo On Wheels
42-11-21 Sabotage Finds A Name
43-02-28 The Corpse That Wasn’t There
44-05-16 Paroled For Revenge
45-05-31 Black Market For Profit
45-08-23 The Unexpected Meeting RA
45-10-04 The Stuffed Panda
45-10-18 Murder And The Dope Racket
45-11-08 Green Hornet Drops A Hint
45-11-22 Superhighway Robbery
45-12-13 Paid In Full
46-01-29 Escape For Revenge
46-02-05 Washington Story
46-02-12 Woman In The Case
46-02-19 A Soldier And His Dog
46-03-26 Youth Takes The Headlines
46-04-02 Classified Ad
46-04-16 Figure In The Photograph
46-05-14 Check And Double Check
46-05-28 Polarized Glasses
46-06-11 The Hornet Does It
46-11-16 Figure In The Photograph
47-10-28 Expose
48-01-20 A Matter Of Evidence
48-01-27 Hi tAnd Run
49-02-01 Poor Substitutes For A Prison
50-12-06 The Devils Playground
52-12-03 Pretender To The Throne
54-11-15 The Katz With Nine Lives
No Date A Pair Of Nylons
No Date A Question Of Tme
No Date Bid And Asked
No Date Boat House Mystery
No Date Bullets And Bluff
No Date Classified Ads
No Date Clearing Mayo rOf Graft
No Date Crandell And The Murder Ring
No Date Face In The Television
No Date George Havins Secret
No Date Ghost Who Talked Too Much
No Date Hot Money And Death
No Date Justice Wears A Blindfold
No Date Last Of Oliver Perry
No Date Man Of Many Words
No Date Money Talks Too Loud
No Date Mr Bigs Drug Store Racket
No Date Protection Inc
No Date Pu tIt On Ice
No Date Revenge For Melakim
No Date Sales Tax Racket
No Date Snyders Political Racket
No Date The Big Mr Corry
No Date The Black Cat Killer
No Date The Gas Pen
No Date The Highway That Graft Built
No Date The Song Racket
No Date The Unexpected Meeting
No Date The Voice
No Date Torpedo On Wheels
No Date Trouble Hits The Trolley
No Date Turban Of Jaipur
No Date Votes For Sale
No Date What Price Glamour
No Date When Money Talks
No Date Youth Takes The Headlines
The Green Hornet is Britt Reid, a newspaper publisher by day who by night goes out in his masked identity to fight crime, with his faithful valet Kato, Britt Reid matches wits with the Underworld, risking his life so that criminal and racketeers within the law may feel its weight by the sting of the Green Hornet! This CD contains 73 episodes.
You will receive 1 CD with the above Old Time Radio Shows. The Show files are playable on computers, mp3 players, IPODs or CD players that will play mp3 format. Some automobiles now have CD players that will play mp3. Be sure yours will play mp3 before buying this CD.
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