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Lum and Abner

Old Time Radio Shows CD5

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Date Ep Name
440926 Surprise Evidence in Trail
441003 Lum Will Run for School Board President
450111 Abners Plan Not Working for Ira
441120 Abner and Grandpap Play Checkers over the Phone
441128 Grandpap Gets Abner to Write a Love Column
450131 Cedric Works on His English Composition
441011 Discussing Professor Slones Replacement
450103 Lum Is in a Singing Contest in Hot Springs
440803 Brair Creek Ideas
441005 Rehearsing Play About Merchant Marines
440731 Lum Serves Evicton Papers
441010 Professor Slone Resigns
450212 Lum and Abner Campout on the Property
440911 Lum Isnt Worried About His Upcoming Trail
441214 Letter from Pearl Makes Abner Return to Normal
440828 Divert Creek To Property
440726 Putting Up Screen Door
441024 Abner Goes Shopping in Ft Smith
440718 Bj Will Be Sole Owner of the Resort
441031 Dissussion of Halloween Pranks
441026 Abner and Squire Hitchhike Home
441023 Abner and Squire Go to War Bond Meeting
440823 Mailing Christmas Packages
441004 Abner and Grandpap Ignore Lum
440704 Lum Will Hire an Architect
440705 People Getting Suspicious of Bj
440719 Invest In Health Resort
440725 Cant See Prez Spears
440824 Helps Grandpap Move To Farm
440829 Wont Have To Change Creek
440802 Fiddle With Property Lines
440801 Grandpap Is Furious
440919 Grandpaps Testimony
440928 Reading Through Junk Mail
440905 Cake With A Surprise Inside
440920 Lum Thinks Situation Look Hopeless
441019 Lum Prepares to Meet the New Teacher
441012 Applications for Teacher Arrive
441030 New Teacher Arrives in Pine Ridge
441009 Parents Complaining About Professor Slone
441113 Abner and Lizabeth off to Texas
441109 Abner Will Have to Learn the Trombone
441114 Abner and Lizabeth Stranded at Johnson Farm
441121 Psychologist Arrives to See Cedric
441213 Lum May Become a Bum Too
441221 Lum Wants a Leather Desk Set for Christmas
441225 Traditional Christmas Story 1944 Production
441206 Abner Is Losing Weight
450115 Lum Wins First Prize Ribbon in Contest
450118 Squire Will Write a Newspaper Article About Lum
450122 Lum Sang at Bizaar Saturday Night
450109 Ira Hodgekins Want A dive from Abner
450205 Lum Will Have His Hair Bleached at the Beauty Shop
450206 Everyone Knows About Lum appointment at the Beau
450207 Lum Owes 2450 to the Beauty Shop
450208 Mr Sutton Offers 2500 for the Hill Property
440914 Squire Agrees to Take Lums Case
441101 Lum Works on the Water Pipes
440727 Tribute To Merchant Marines
450129 Mose Moots Dyes Lums Hair the Wrong Color
441106 Abner Help Cedric Write an English Composition
440718 BJ Webster Sole Owner
441107 Cedric Is Excited About His First Time Voting
440808 Abner Entertains Prisoners
440904 Lum To Become A Martyr
440710 Abner Teaches Cedric How to Dance
441017 Helping Cedric with Math Problem
450124 Truth About Lums Prize Comes Out
441127 Abner Returns Has Trouble in the Home
441123 Lum Tries to Get Phinus to Invite Him to Dinner
440815 Lum Will Trap Bj with Old Traffic Ordinance
441228 Lum Practices Romantical Speech
440913 Tiny Hotel Room in Mena
440925 Closing Arguments in Trail
440809 Abner Competes With Lum
450101 Spending New Years Day at Abners House
440831 Telling Lum About Charges
441218 People Turn to Abnerf or Advice
450130 Abner Will Bandage Lums Head to HideHis Hair
440814 Abner and Grandpap Not Talking to Lum
441016 Phinus Has Ideas fo rMerchandise
450123 Message About the Shortage of Nurses Overseas
450110 Ira and His Wife Trade Jobs
441212 Lizabeth Wants Abner Back
440706 Lum Will Have Water Analyzed
440712 Bj Webster Gets Water Analysis
441226 Lum Wants an Appointment with Ole Doc Peabody
440822 Buying Dillard Farm
450108 Phinus Helps out in the Jotem Down Store
440918 Trial Begins
440713 Job Opening at Defense Plant
450102 Lum Will Become a baritone singer
441227 Abner Gives Lum Some Advice About Miss Emaline
440821 BJ Webster Pleads Guilty
440807 Abner Walks Out On Lum
440817 BJ Websters Trial
450201 Squires Insurance Policy on Abner Has Many Loopholes
440810 Grandpap Accidentally Serves Eviction Notice on Him
441002 Jotem Down Store Has a New Policy
440720 Efficiency Measures At Work
441108 Abner Must Visit Relatives in Mineola Texas
440816 BJ Webster Arrested
440711 Results of Spring Water Analysis
441115 Abner Calls Everyone Supposedly from Texas
440927 Lum Appreciates Everything at Home
441018 Lum Tells Abner and Grandpap About the New School
441116 Mr Dennis on School Official Visits
441205 Abner Not Doing Well with Hunger Strike
440724 Grandpap To Sell Land
441102 Excuses to Visit School House
440830 Lum Accused Of Embezzlement
441220 Grandpap Wants to Hear All the Town Gossip
441207 Squire Suggests That Abner Become a Bum
441129 Cedric Reads Abners Letter to School Class
440717 Health Resort May Make Grandpap Rich
450116 Abner Probes Lum for Details of Contest
441130 Barbara Stanwyck Drops by Again to Push War Bonds
450117 Sister Simpson Wants Lum to Sing at Charity Bazaar
441122 Cedric Takes Psychologists Test
440921 Lum Attempts to Give Testimony
440906 Abner Helps Lum Be Miserable
441211 Abner Begins to Enjoy a Bums Life
450104 Lum Tries to Get out of the Contest
440907 Lums Inflation Play repeat Performance
441204 Abner Going on a Hunger Strike
441219 Cedric Visits Ole Doc Peabodys Advice Bureau
440905 Cedric Brings Lum a Surprise Cake
440912 Lum and Abner Leave for Trial
450125 Lum Fixes Everything with Miss Emaline
441025 Abner Looses the Train Tickets
Lum and Abner is The Adventures of two owners of The Jotem Down Store in the Town of Pine Ridge Arkansas. Lum and Abner were Broadcast from 1931 until 1954.

This CD contains 130 episodes.
You will receive 1 CD with the above Old Time Radio Shows. The Show files are playable on computers, mp3 players, IPODs or CD players that will play mp3 format. Some automobiles now have CD players that will play mp3. Be sure yours will play mp3 before buying this CD.
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