1947 - 1951
These Raymond Chandler stories were first brought to the air by NBC and starred Van Heflin as Marlowe. It may have been a Summer re- placement show.
On September 26, 1948, Gerald Mohr became the second Marlowe but this time over CBS stations. It remained a CBS show through its last show in 1951. In the April 11, 1950 show, "The Anniversary Gift", William Conrad substituted for Mr. Mohr, becoming the third person to play the lead role.
The CBS show ran 2 seasons, from September 26, 1948 through September 29, 1950. During 1949, it was a regular on Saturday. In 1950, it started on Saturday, changed after one month to Tuesday, did a few months on Wednesday and finished the 1950 season on Friday. It appeared again in 1951, possibly as a summer replacement, for a brief run from July 7 through September 15.

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