Notes and Facts About
Old Time Radio Programs

Some of the Old Time Radio Programs were Sustained. Sustained means the program was funded and created by the radio station or the network and did not have commerical sponsors.

Some of the sustained programs will have a few mins. of music at the end and sometimes but not often at the begining of the program. This music was to be replaced when and if a commerical sponsor was found.

You will see a column saying "w/com". This means the program will have the original commericals included on the CD. Sometimes these commericals are for cigarette companys that are long gone (Fatima). Sometimes the programs were sponsored by an oil company that is also long gone(Skelly Oil in Captain Midnight).

If the program was 15 mins.(Chandu, The Magician) then there will be 4 programs on the CD. If the program was 1 hr.(Lux Radio Theater) then only 1 program will be on the CD.

Dates of the programs sometimes vary depending on who you talk to. Sometimes the dates are not known as to when the program was on the air. Sometimes the episode name will vary because most of the programs did not give the name of that episode, so transcribers would give the episode a name they thought fit that episode(ex. Supereman).

Sometimes commericals were removed when the program is boradcast to the Armed Forces Overseas during World War II. They were listed at the end of the program AFRS (Armed Forces Radio Service).