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George Burns and
Gracie Allen late
Burns and Allen
again late 1940's
or early 1950's.
Fibber McGee and Molly
From their movie "Look
Who's Laughing" 1941.
Fibber in trouble as usual.
Jack Benny and Ann
Sheridan from the movie
"George Washington
Slept Here".
Edgar Bergen and
Mortimer Snerd,
Charlie McCarthy's
Charlie McCarthy
and Edgar Bergen.
Advertisement for Blue Coal,
an early sponsor of The Shadow.
"Lux Radio Theater" with
Director Cecil B. DeMille and
cast of John Howard, Gary
Cooper and Helen Mack.
"Mr. Keen Tracer of
Lost Persons" with
Ann Thomas and
Bennett Kilpack.
"Adventures of The Thin Man"
with Les Tremayne and Claudia
Morgan in 1945.
National Barndance
Burns & Allen advertising
Swan Soap
Captain Flagg and
Captain Quirt
Duffy's Tavern Fred Allen
I Love A Mystery
Inner Sanctum
Quiz Kids
Ad for Quiz Kids Amos N Andy Map

I am looking for more photos of Radio Personalities. Do you have any? if you have any forsale or to loan to me while I scan them.

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