Animation DVD
This NEW DVD contains the earliest known animation movies and cartoons. The movies date from the turn of the Century through the 1920s. This DVD consists of films made before 1925 that are now public domain and is in compliance with U.S law
Some of the movies are early stop action animation. You may remember the early Disney movies like Mickey Mouse. They were stop action animation. This DVD shows the fore runners to Disney.

The Centaurs 1921
A.W.O.L. All Wrong Old Laddiebufk 1919 Pt 1-2
1st Circus 1921 Pt 1-2
Never Again The Story of A Speeder Cop 1916
The Enchanted Drawing 1900 Edison
Gertie on Tour 1921
Keeping Up With The Jones (Men & Women)1915
Mr Noby Holme He Buys a Jitney 1916
Mary & Gertel “motley Films” Pt 1-2 1917
The Dionsaur & The Missing Link 1917
W.S.S. Thriftettes 1918 Edison
Original Katzenjammer Kids Policy & Pie 1918 Pt1-2
Dreamy Dud He Resolves Not To Smoke 1915
Dud Leaves Home 1919
Krazy Kat Goes A-Wooing 1916
Krazy Kat Bugologist 1916
Phable of A Phat Woman 1916
This is not all on this DVD

There are more on this DVD than listed here

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