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Programs With Vincent Price

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CD#Show TitleProgram NameW/ComDate
VP01-CD Escape Present Tense 1/31/1950
Escape Bloodbath 6/30/1950
VP02-CD Family Theater Laughing Into Glory 6/12/1947
Family Theater The Happy Prince 10/12/1949
VP03-CD Family Theater Jane Eyre 10/25/1950
Family Theater Where There's a Will 6/09/1954
VP04-CD Lux Radio Theater Dragonwyck 10/07/1946
VP05-CD Lux Radio Theater The Letter 3/06/1944
VP06-CD Lux Radio Theater Laura 2/05/1945
VP07-CD Suspense Death Of Charles Umberstein 11/23/1943
Suspense Fugue In C Minor 6/01/1944
VP08-CD Suspense Hunting Trip 9/12/1946
Suspense Hands Of Mr Ottermole 12/02/1948
VP09-CD Duffy's Tavern Actors Club At The Tavern 1/26/1951
Jack Benny Don Signs A New Contract 2/06/1949
VP10-CD Suspense Present Tense 3/03/1957
Suspense Green And Gold String 6/09/1957


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