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Red Skelton Show

Old Time Radio Shows CD1

All Old Time Radio Shows are in MP3 Format

Date Ep Name
460101 Bells and Resolutions
460115 Local Department Stores
460122 People Celebrating
460129 Looking for Trouble
460205 Hospital Capers
460212 Meeting Strangers
460219 Stray Animals
460226 Telephones
460305 Neighborhood Theater
460312 A Treat
460319 The Traffic Is Terrific
460326 Newspapers
460402 Some People Just Wont Pay Their Debts
460409 Postmen
460416 Easy Money
460423 Old Letters and Trouble
460430 The Tooth the Whole Tooth and Nothing but the Tooth
460507 Firemen
460514 Wonderful Smith
460521 It Pays to Look Well
460528 People Who Hurt Others by Trying to Be Nice
460604 Vacation Time and Mad NBC Producers
460910 Vacation Time Volume II
460917 Barbers
461001 Unimportant Things
461008 If You Have a Beef Dont Air It Eat It
461105 Photography
461119 Automobile Parking Troubles
461126 People Who Give Dinners to Impress Friends
461203 Railroads
461210 People and Dogs
461217 Department Stores
461231 Old Man Winter
470107 Education and Schools
470114 Dancing
470128 Jealousy
470204 Elevators
470211 Taxi Cabs
470218 Fingerprints
470225 Travel to Hawaii
470311 Rival Cab Drivers
470325 Careless Driving
470401 Traffic Court
470408 Things We Never Knew About Buses
470415 The New West
470422 Battle with the NBC Censors
470930 Life of a Fireman
471021 Man with a Plan
471028 The Haircut Pt.1
471104 The Haircut Pt.2
471111 The Haircut Pt.3
471118 HonkyTonk Photographer
471125 Radio Fanfares
480903 Red Returns After the Summer
480910 Juniors Camping Trip
480917 Deadeye Trades in His Horse
480924 Junior Goes to a Department Store
481001 Salute National Paperboy Day
481008 Juniors Good Deed
481015 Juniors Secret
481022 Juniors Arsenal
481105 Junior and the Milkman
481112 G I Joes Memories
490412 Fuller Brush Man
490415 Deadeye Mrs. Fussy
490429 Spring Cleaning
490506 Mothers Day
490513 Stray Dogg
500108 Needs a Physical to Work for CBS
500115 Shopping Spree
500122 Junior is Missing
500129 Junior is Still Missing
500205 A Day at the Races
500427 Mean Little Kid
501231 New Years Puzzle
50xxxx A New Deadeye
510107 Higher Education
510114 Three Cent Stamp
510128 Big Business Venture
510204 Helter Shelter
510211 The Big Scare
510218 I Caught the Devil Part 1
510304 I Caught the Devil Part 2
510311 The Devil Got Loose
510318 The Sad Texan
510401 Skelton vs Hospital
510408 Town Social
510422 McPugs Magic Gloves
510429 Liberty Bell
510506 The Devil Returns Part 1
510513 The Devil Returns Part 2
510603 Take Me out to the Ball Game
510610 Guardian Angels Revolt
510617 London Palladium or Bust
510624 Flight to London
511003 Vacations
511010 Women Are Ruling the World
511017 Fear
511024 How to Make Enemies
511031 Public Speaking
511107 Job Hunting
Red Skelton old time raido show started in 1946 and continued through 1952. Red's shows featured characters like Cauliflower McPugg the punch drunk boxer, Willy Lump Lump the Drunk, Mean Widdle Kid Junior with the phrase "I Dood It" which became an icon for Red. Red Skelton was one of the all time great Comedians along with Jack Benny, Abbott & Costello and others.

This CD contains 101 episodes.
You will receive 1 CD with the above Old Time Radio Shows. The Show files are playable on computers, mp3 players, IPODs or CD players that will play mp3 format. Some automobiles now have CD players that will play mp3. Be sure yours will play mp3 before buying this CD.
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