The Roy Rogers Show


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Date Ep Name
450123 Guest Sarah Berner
450130 Tom Barnes Texas Ranger
450508 Legend Of Pecos Bill
450508 Porter Hall Villain
480328 Aud The Case Of The Mysterious Puppet
480420 Roar Of The River
480829 Mystery of the Circle E
480905 Horse Thieves of Paradise Valley
480919 Ghost Town Mem
480926 Plot Against The Bank
490508 Pacos Bill
510304 Wagon Raiders
511012 Ed Baileys Bad Luck
511019 Night Riders
511026 Old Prospecting Friends
511102 Doug Manson Gang
511109 After Counterfeiters
511116 Lawmans Badge
511123 DeBona Gang
511130 The Map
511207 Eight Convicts
511214 Bribe
511221 Prodigal
511228 Manson Norris Outlaws
511228 The DeBona Gang
520104 Andy Sales
520111 Cattle Swindle
520118 Owlhoot Trail
520125 Wake of the Storm
520201 Rustlers in Paradise Valley
520208 The Jinxed Ranch
520215 Camp And Winding Creek
520222 Hideaway
520229 Professor Douglas Manson
520307 On The Lookout For John Kennedy
520314 The Lee Burlough Gang
520321 Herb Selby And Counterfeit Money
520328 Salted Desert Property
520404 Old Sid Kenyon Rustlers
520411 Rene Eigan Case
520828 Paradise Valley Sweepstakes
520904 Stolen Diamonds In Hollowed Steer Horn
520911 Smuggled Pearls via Frozen Salmon
520918 Red Danger And Black Gold
520925 Rodeo Yarn
521002 Smuggling Aliens
521009 Fred App Wants To Buy The Ranch
521016 About Indians
521023 Lefty Roberts
521030 Wailing Gold Mine
521106 Range War
521113 Lefty Roberts
521120 Trigger Has Been Stolen
521127 Stealing Cattle By Whirly Bird
521204 The Last Coach
521211 The Boiling Treasure Chest
521218 White Buckskin Jacket
521225 The Night Before The Night Before Christmas
530101 Corky Lewis
530108 The Key
530115 The Gold Mine Spread
530122 The Cash And Carry Rodeo
530129 The Shack
530205 Fireworks
530212 Uranium Claim
530219 Happy Birthday Sheriff
530226 Checkered Neckercheif
530305 Apache Grazing Land
530312 Domino
530319 Black Gold
530326 Rabies
No Date Diamond Smuggling
No Date Matt Barlow Story
No Date The Adopted Daughter
No Date The Missing Atomic Scientist
No Date The Upside Down Liberty Stamp
No Date New River Rodeo
Roy and his wife Dale Evans, his golden palomino Trigger, and his German Shepherd Dog, Bullet, were featured in The Roy Rogers Radio Show. The show ran on radio for nine years before moving to television in 1951. Hear some great western old time radio shows. Roy was known as "King of the Cowboys" and Dale was called "Queen of the West."

This CD contains 77 episodes.
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