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The Saint

Old Time Radio Shows CD1

All Old Time Radio Shows are in MP3 Format

Date Ep Name
440731 The Connelly Silver Mine
450121 MonkeyBusiness
471001 Murder On The High Seas Aka Color Blind
471015 A Gangster District Attorney
471022 Color Blind Murderer Aboard Ship
471029 Greed Causes Murder aka Old Mans Car
471217 The Saint Goes Underground
471224 Nineteen Santa Clauses
480303 The Case of the Unhappy Homocide
480526 The Case of the Blond Who Lost Her Head
490731 Conley Silver Mine
490814 Greed Causes Murder
490918 A Schitzophrenic Psychiatrist
490918 Color-Blind Killer
491106 Unhappy Homocide
491113 Fake Amnesia Killer
491225 Nineteen Santa Clauses
500108 The Cake That Killed
500108 The Purloine
500122 The Case of the Lonesome Slab
500430 Murder Of A Champion
500611 Prize Fighter
500611 The Sinister Sneeze
500618 The Music Murder
500702 Real Gone Guy
500702 Search for a Killer
500709 Contract out on the Saint
500709 Problem Of The Peculiar Payoff
500716 Death of the Saint
500723 Fighters Contract
500730 Author of Murder
500730 Case Of The Previewed Crime
500806 The Corpse Said Ouch
500813 Dossier on a Damsel
500820 Reflection On Murder
500827 Cupid and the Corpse
500903 Baseball Murder
500910 The Horrible Hamburger
500917 The Ghost That Giggled
500924 Dossier on a Doggone Dog
501029 Its Snow Use
501029 Wanted a Husband
501112 Return of Harry Morgan
501112 The Dame On The Doorstep
501119 Murder Plot in Prison
501119 No Hiding Place
501126 The Terrible Tintype
501203 The Young Detective
501210 The Monkey
501217 Simon Minds The Baby
501217 The Fight
501224 Christmas Eve Problems
501224 Santa Claus Is No Saint
510107 Ladies Never Lie Much
510114 Simon Takes A Curtain Call Aka The Aging
510114 The Actor
510121 The Tuba
510204 The Carnival
510211 The Missing Bridegroom
510218 Next Of Kin
510218 Noon Deadline
510225 The Amnesia Victim
510225 The Big Swindle
510304 The Furniture Move
510304 The What-Not What Got Hot
510311 Button Button
510311 The Shipboard Mystery
510318 The Birds And Bees Of East Orange
510318 The Bookstore Murder
510325 Formula For Death
510325 The Intruder
510401 Simon Carries The Ivy
510401 The College Campus Threat
510408 Ghost Who Came To Dinner
510408 Hawthorne House Mystery
510415 Strange Bedfellows
510422 The Lady Who Learned
510429 Fishes Gotta Eat
510429 The Missing Husband
510520 The Red Rose
510527 Childrens Crusade
510527 The Military Instructor
510603 The Train
510624 Peter the Great
510701 The Cowboy
510708 Missing Angel
510715 No My Darling Daughter
510715 The Nursemaid
950828 Saint Overboard
950904 The Saint Plays With Fire
950911 The Saint Closes The Case
Simon Templar is a thief known as The Saint because of his initials (ST) and his reputation. Templar has aliases, often using the initials S.T. such as "Sebastian Tombs" or "Sugarman Treacle". His true name is unknown.

Vincent Price played the character in the series between 1947 and 1951. Like The Whistler, the program had an opening whistle theme with footsteps.

This CD contains 91 episodes.
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