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CD#Show TitleProgram NameW/ComDate
TNP01-CD Terry & The Pirates Terry Connie And Pat 11/18/1941
Terry & The PiratesRadio Device Missing 11/19/1941
Terry & The PiratesCabinets Switched 11/20/1941
Terry & The PiratesEscape In Progress 11/21/1941
TNP02-CD Terry & The PiratesEnemy Over powered 11/24/1941
Terry & The PiratesGeneral Chang Held 11/25/1941
Terry & The PiratesApproaching With Care 11/26/1941
Terry & The PiratesGenl Chang Is Imposter 11/27/1941
TNP03-CD Terry & The PiratesRadio Turned Over 11/28/1941
Terry & The PiratesBeginning Of Adventutre 12/01/1941
Terry & The PiratesIcy Winds Of China 12/02/1941
Terry & The PiratesMountain Madness 12/03/1941


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