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Weird Circle

Old Time Radio Shows CD1

All Old Time Radio Shows are in MP3 Format

Date Ep Name
430829 Fall Of The House Of Usher
430905 The House and The Brain
430912 The Vendetta
430919 Narrative Of Arthur Gordon Pym
430926 Declared Insane
431003 A Terribly Strange Bed
431010 What Was It
431017 Knights Bridge Mystery
431024 The Horla
431031 William Wilson
431107 Passion In The Desert
431114 Matao Falcon
431121 The Man Without A Country
431128 Dr Manettes Manuscript
431205 The Great Plague
431212 Expectations Of An Heir
431219 The Hand
431226 Jane Eyre
440102 Murders In The Rue Morgue
440109 The Lifted Veil
440117 The 415 Express
440123 A Terrible Night
440130 The Tell-tale Heart
440205 The Niche Of Doom
440213 The Heart Of Ethan Brand
440220 Frankenstein
440227 Feast Of The Red Gauntlet
440305 The Murder Of The Little Pig
440312 The Spectre Of Tappington
440319 The Strange Judgement
440326 Wuthering Heights
440402 The Curse Of The Mantle
440409 The Cask Of Amontillado
440416 The Rope Of Hair
440423 Falkland
440430 The Trial For Murder
440507 The Werewolf
440514 The Old Nurses Story
440521 The Middle Toe Of The Right Foot
440528 The Dream Woman
440910 The Phantom Picture
440917 The Ghost Touch
440924 The Bell Tower
441001 The Evil Eye
441008 The Mark Of The Plague
441015 The Queer Client
441022 The Burial Of Roger Malvin
441029 The Love Potion
441105 Mad Monkton
441112 The Returned
441119 The Executioner
441126 Rapacinis Daughter
441203 The Wooden Ghost
441210 Last Days Of A Condemned Man
441217 The Warning
441224 The Doll
441231 The Diamond Lens
450107 The History Of Dr John Faust
450114 The Duel Without Honor
450121 The Specter Bride
450128 The Tapestry Horse
450204 The River Man
450211 The Ancient Mariner
450218 The Oblong Box
450225 The Mysterious Bride
450304 The Thing In The Tunnely
450311 The Moonstone
450318 The Pistol Shot
450325 The Possessive Dead
450401 The Goblet
450408 The Case Of Monsieur Valdemar
450415 The Shadow
450422 The Bride Of Death
450429 Dr Jeckyl And Mr.Hyde
450506 The Red Hand
450514 The Haunted Hotel
450521 Markheim
471006 The Black Parchment
Weird Circle consisted mostly of radio adaptations of classic horror stories.

This CD contains 78 episodes.
You will receive 1 CD with the above Old Time Radio Shows. The Show files are playable on computers, mp3 players, IPODs or CD players that will play mp3 format. Some automobiles now have CD players that will play mp3. Be sure yours will play mp3 before buying this CD.
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