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Witches Tale started on WOR radio in New York in the early 1930's. It was one
of the first of the Horror Programs. "Old Nancy, the witch of Salem," was the
host of the show and became a favorite of the early radio listeners.

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CD#Show TitleProgram NameW/ComDate
WT01-CD Witches Tale WereWolf 6/11/1931
Witches Tale Confession 12/07/1931
WT02-CD Witches Tale Gypsy's Hand 4/14/1932
Witches Tale Hairy Monster 9/26/1932
WT03-CD Witches Tale Share And Share Alike 10/24/1932
Witches Tale Graveyard Mansion 3/06/1933
WT04-CD Witches Tale Wonderful Bottle 3/21/1933
Witches Tale Flying Dutchman 4/26/1934
WT05-CD Witches Tale Violin 5/03/1934
Witches Tale Rockabye Baby 8/02/1934


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